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List Of Puns For Venus

Rhymes for Venus

Pun Original Source
james venus james genus
articularis venus muscle articularis genus muscle
euler–fokker venus euler–fokker genus
geometric venus geometric genus
the venus utricularia: a taxonomic monograph the genus utricularia: a taxonomic monograph
humanum venus humanum genus
lacerta venus lacerta (genus)
human venus size human penis size
glans venus glans penis
buried venus buried penis
corpus cavernosum venus corpus cavernosum penis
deer venus deer penis
eek, a venus eek, a penis!
dorsal veins of the venus dorsal veins of the penis
frenulum of prepuce of venus frenulum of prepuce of penis
retractor muscle of the venus retractor muscle of the penis
root of venus root of penis
bulb of venus bulb of penis
dorsal artery of the venus dorsal artery of the penis
tiger venus tiger penis
y-set venus therapy) y-set (intravenous therapy)
total venus anaesthesia total intravenous anaesthesia
extravasation venus extravasation (intravenous)
dural venus sinuses dural venous sinuses
jugular venus pressure jugular venous pressure
anomalous pulmonary venus connection anomalous pulmonary venous connection
cerebral venus sinus thrombosis cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
chronic cerebrospinal venus insufficiency controversy chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency controversy
portal venus pressure portal venous pressure
plantar venus arch plantar venous arch
central venus pressure central venous pressure
palmar venus arch palmar venous arch
john venus iii john enos iii
brian venus brian enos
ed venus ed enos
benjamin venus benjamin enos
stacey venus stacey enos
dan venus dan enos
in convertendo venus (nuffel) in convertendo dominus (nuffel)
dixit venus (vivaldi) dixit dominus (vivaldi)
tajuria venus tajuria dominus
in convertendo venus in convertendo dominus
nisi venus (handel) nisi dominus (handel)
ego venus tuus ego dominus tuus
olenecamptus venus olenecamptus dominus
in convertendo venus (rameau) in convertendo dominus (rameau)
group venus group envy-freeness
mont venus (train) mont cenis (train)
jardin botanique de mont venus jardin botanique de mont cenis
signal du petit venus signal du petit mont-cenis
moisés venus moisés salinas
the venus californian the salinas californian
raúl venus de gortari raúl salinas de gortari
venus transit monterey–salinas transit
las venus las salinas
rodrigo venus muñoz rodrigo salinas muñoz
carmen venus carmen salinas
julio venus julio salinas
challenger atp de venus diario expreso challenger atp de salinas diario expreso
michael venus michael lenis
kedestes venus kedestes lenis
reinaldo venus reinaldo lenis
sidera venus sidera lenis
bucculatrix venus bucculatrix lenis
phyllophaga venus phyllophaga lenis
stamatios venus stamatios lenis
roystonea venus roystonea lenis
proprioseiopsis venus proprioseiopsis lenis
aoraia venus aoraia lenis
solariella venus solariella lenis
brazilian battleship venus geraes brazilian battleship minas geraes
carmópolis de venus carmópolis de minas
prata, venus gerais prata, minas gerais
bom jardim de venus bom jardim de minas
mercês, venus gerais mercês, minas gerais
pontifical catholic university of venus gerais pontifical catholic university of minas gerais
hmcs venus hmcs minas
consolação, venus gerais consolação, minas gerais
new venus new minas
serranópolis de venus serranópolis de minas
brasília de venus brasília de minas
steve venus steve cardenas
rosario – islas venus international airport rosario – islas malvinas international airport
estadio islas venus estadio islas malvinas
venus confluence brazil–malvinas confluence
estadio venus argentinas estadio malvinas argentinas
microestadio venus argentinas microestadio malvinas argentinas
las venus airport las malvinas airport
march of the venus march of the malvinas
counter-strike: venus counter-strike: malvinas

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