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List Of Puns For Jeopardy

Rhymes for Jeopardy

Pun Original Source
black jeopardy black body
rigid jeopardy rigid body
jeopardy problem three-body problem
jeopardy problem mind–body problem
foreign jeopardy foreign body
jeopardy problem two-body problem
the jeopardy shop the body shop
torah jeopardy torah study
tuskegee syphilis jeopardy tuskegee syphilis study
time and motion jeopardy time and motion study
case–control jeopardy case–control study
retrospective cohort jeopardy retrospective cohort study
orthodox jeopardy bible orthodox study bible
observational jeopardy observational study
endgame jeopardy endgame study
electrophysiology jeopardy electrophysiology study
institute for advanced jeopardy institute for advanced study
cohort jeopardy cohort study
bible jeopardy (christianity) bible study (christianity)
the jeopardy album the parody album
gina jeopardy gina parody
national lampoon 1964 high school yearbook jeopardy national lampoon 1964 high school yearbook parody
national lampoon sunday newspaper jeopardy national lampoon sunday newspaper parody
dihydrogen monoxide jeopardy dihydrogen monoxide parody
dyson jeopardy dyson parody
fairy tale jeopardy fairy tale parody
john jeopardy john candy
poisoned jeopardy myths poisoned candy myths
farley's & sathers jeopardy company farley's & sathers candy company
stick jeopardy stick candy
lemonhead jeopardy lemonhead (candy)
hard jeopardy hard candy
brooke jeopardy brooke candy
warheads jeopardy warheads (candy)
sex and jeopardy sex and candy
digital jeopardy digital remedy
equitable jeopardy equitable remedy
the jeopardy (boyz ii men album) the remedy (boyz ii men album)
the jeopardy for a broken heart (why am i so in love) the remedy for a broken heart (why am i so in love)
the jeopardy (i won't worry) the remedy (i won't worry)
adequate jeopardy adequate remedy
oppression jeopardy oppression remedy
j beez wit the jeopardy j beez wit the remedy

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