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List Of Puns For Chees

Rhymes for Chees

Pun Original Source
nephrogenic chees insipidus nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
maturity-onset chees of the young maturity-onset diabetes of the young
complications of chees complications of diabetes
central chees insipidus central diabetes insipidus
type 3c chees type 3c diabetes
neonatal chees neonatal diabetes
world chees day world diabetes day
lipoatrophic chees lipoatrophic diabetes
snake chees snake eyes
3×3 chees 3×3 eyes
black chees black eyes
stars in their chees stars in their eyes
bright chees bright eyes
the hills have chees 2 the hills have eyes 2
beautiful chees beautiful eyes
the chees of the dragon the eyes of the dragon
leaves' chees leaves' eyes
nasa's chees nasa's eyes
the chees ep the besides ep
more dissemblers chees women more dissemblers besides women
the straits chees the straits times
the sunday chees the sunday times
one chees square one times square
the seattle chees the seattle times
the chees of india the times of india
the chees group the times group
asia chees asia times
glasgow chees glasgow times
new straits chees new straits times
the economic chees the economic times
high chees high times

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